About Us

District East Capital is a non-advisory boutique investment provider, and we are in the business of bespoke investment solutions. We are going boutique because we want to ensure that we maintain the high-quality service we provide for our clients and partners. Our current clients fall mainly into these two groups – IFAs and asset managers. We do not work with end investors.


Core Business

Our core business revolves around working with our clients to provide, distribute and design structured products for their end investors. This is mostly applicable to IFAs and asset managers giving advice to investors who are individuals or natural persons.


Institutional Solutions

For clients who are institutions (e.g. asset managers or institutional investors of our clients), we provide securitization services – we generate liquidity for illiquid assets by turning it into a security. For example, we can give an illiquid private equity / real estate project an ISIN, thus allowing the investment to be easily traded on an exchange.


Support Services

Other than the simple act of providing an investment product, we do our best to provide complementary support services that allow our clients to make a more informed decision on behalf of their investors. This currently includes:


  • Articles and material to educate investors (available in PDF)
  • A database of underlying assets and analyst opinions
  • An online investment performance tracker (coming soon)


Every aspect of our service aligns with our philosophy of ensuring that our clients (and their investors) get the most out of their investment, which our existing clients can attest to. To find out more, we can always be reached at contact@districteastcapital.com.



District East Capital (“DEC”) does not provide legal, regulatory, accounting, taxation, financial or any other advice in relation to any investment or series of investments or trading decisions or traded products. All clients, website visitors, and consumers of any of our material are solely responsible for seeking and obtaining their own advice and making their own trading decisions. All, but not limited to, the abovementioned parties shall rely on their own judgment for all trading decisions and investments or series of investments and that will not be in any way acting in reliance on DEC.


Any documents, statements, articles or other readable material whether in electronic or print, is neither an offer to sell, purchase or subscribe for any investment nor a solicitation of such an offer. The objective of our material is to provide factual, non-opinionated information and does not constitute as advice or a recommendation. All information does not consider the risk appetite, investment objective(s) or financial situation of any person. All investors should seek advice from a suitably authorized financial adviser according to their respective regulators, and investment must be made via an authorized counterparty. It is the responsibility of the reader to determine whether they are suitably qualified and have the correct regulatory permissions to act in regard to any product.


Investments may go up or down in value and investors may lose some or all of the amount invested. Investors should note that past performance is not always indicative of future performance and/or prospective gains and losses.